Pure Honey(Quality challenge) Half KG – Pure Organic

Pure Honey(Quality challenge) Half KG

1,200.00 999.00


We used thousand years old traditional method of honey extraction directly from honey hives. We don’t use
any kind of machine, technology and un-natural procedure/method during our complete process from
extraction till packing to keep the honey 100% organic, raw and natural. We only collect honey made by FOREST
BEE in natural hives. We always collect honey from river banks and pure agricultural areas of Punijab during
spring, summer and early winter season. Traditional Method of honey collection is very risky and indude life
threat, if people are untrained and inexpert.We are not beekeeper and don’t use man-made bee hives to produce the honey in boxes by using artificial methods.

So, we have limited stock of RAW, Cold Extracted, Pure and Natural Honey.Natural Honey contains Fructose 38, Glucose 31%, Dextrin S, Sucrose 1:53, Protein 0.2.35, Minera
Substance 0.10.2, Salts of organic Acids o.00 3-0.27, almost all known trace element, Vitamins, Enzymes,antibacterial, antifungal, anti-diabetic subtabces.